Meredith Kessler Wins Ironman New Zealand


ROKA Signs '13 Ironman Kona Runner-Up Rachel Joyce

Rachel Joyce - ROKA ProDALLAS, Texas. February 5, 2014 — ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year sponsorship with 2013 Ironman World Championship Runner-Up Rachel Joyce.

"I am delighted to be partnering up with ROKA for the 2014 season and beyond,” Joyce said.  “The ROKA team have put a lot of time into developing the design of the Maverick wetsuit, and I felt this immediately when I tried it for the first time.  The flexibility of the suit allows me to replicate my usual pool stroke, especially around the shoulders, plus it has some added features that actually enhanced my swimming.  I’m looking forward to some fast swims this year with ROKA.”

February 05, 2014

ROKA Signs 3x World Champion Melissa Hauschildt

Melissa Hauschildt
DALLAS, Texas. February 3, 2014 — ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year sponsorship with professional triathlete and 3x World Champion Melissa Hauschildt.

"I’m very excited to be working with ROKA,” Hauschildt said. “I have just started, but in testing the products I have already seen my times dramatically fall in the pool.  I’m very impressed with the entire product line. I knew these guys were onto something, but they didn’t stop at just wetsuits.  The Viper swimskins and SIM shorts are amazing.  I'm really excited to see what I can do in a race.” 
February 03, 2014

ROKA Signs 2x World Champion & Olympic Bronze Medalist Emma Moffatt

Emma MoffattROKA Sports, Inc. - Dallas, Texas.  ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year sponsorship with Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2x ITU World Champion Emma Moffatt through the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero.

"I’m very excited to work with ROKA,” Moffatt said.  “Swimming in my ROKA suits is an amazing feeling. No other suit I've worn before has the comfort and flexibility, which is a great combination for a speedy swim!”

January 29, 2014

Tim Reed Suits Up With ROKA

DALLAS, Texas. September 5, 2013 -- ROKA Sports, Inc. is thrilled to announce a multi-year sponsorship and partnership with Ironman 70.3 Champion and ITU Long Distance Champion Tim Reed.
"I'm trilled to come aboard." said pro triathlete Tim Reed. "Since being clad in the new ROKA Maverick Pro wetsuit, I’m swimming drastically better and racing at a new level." 
September 05, 2013

Meredith Kessler Repeats at Vineman, Amy Marsh 3rd; ROKA 1,2,4 Out of the Water

Vineman 70.3

In her first race back after a serious bike accident at IM 70.3 EagleMan, Meredith Kessler returned to form to repeat as Vineman 70.3 Champion. Meredith was first out of the water and led the entire race. ROKA Pros Emily Cocks and Amy Marsh followed in 2nd and 4th out of the water, with Amy taking 3rd overall and Emily taking 6th. Brandon Marsh had a great swim, exiting with the front pack, and finished 7th on the day.

July 13, 2013

Laura Bennett Finishes 2nd at IM 70.3 Eagleman; ROKA 1,2,3 on Swim

  • Ironman 70.3 EaglemanLaura Bennett followed up her win at 70.3 Raleigh the week prior, taking 2nd Place and First Out of the Water at today's 70.3 Eagleman.
  • Meredith Kessler - Exited second out of the water right behind Laura, but unfortunately Meredith was hit by an amateur on the bike and did not finish the race.  Meredith was rushed to the hospital after sustaining a concussion and minor injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Meredith, and we hope for a speedy recovery!
  • Jenna Parker - Exited third out of the water behind Laura and Meredith, completing the ROKA swim trifecta. Jenna went for it on the bike, coming into T2 in third. She tired in the final miles of the run, finishing 6th, a great result for her second full race of the season.
June 09, 2013

ROKA Signs 2x US Olympian Laura Bennett

ROKA Sports, Inc. announced it signed 2x US Olympian triathlete Laura Bennett to a multi-year sponsorship and partnership agreement.

May 30, 2013

How to Get a Great Wetsuit Fit

Here are some tips for getting the best fit out of your ROKA wetsuit. Our Maverick wetsuits require a bit of extra attention because they are so stretchy up top.  That stretch provides unparalleled range of motion, but sometimes it lures you into thinking you've got the suit pulled up all the way when in fact you don't. If you don't have the suit pulled up, you can get a bit more neck leakage than normal. Follow these tips, and you should be good to go!  

May 24, 2013

Ashleigh Gentle Takes 4th at ITU WTS Yokohama, Japan

ITU YokohamaAshleigh Gentle had a solid swim, bridged to the lead group on the bike, and ran to a solid 4th place finish - her best in ITU World Triathlon Series competition.  This was a great result for Ash, as it was only her second race this season coming off a foot injury. (Official Results)

May 10, 2013

Jesse Thomas' tips on racing Wildflower

ROKA's Co-Founder Kurt Spenser interviewed Jesse Thomas ahead of Wildflower this year.

KS: Wildflower is a BLAST, but it is also a BEAST!  How do you set yourself up for a great race here every year?

JT:It all starts with the Maverick Pro, obviously. :) Honestly, you've got to approach this race with respect. It's a tough, hilly course, and usually pretty dang hot. I'd say it's impossible to be too conservative early in the race. That starts with the swim, staying as relaxed as possible and keeping in mind you have LOTS of racing left once you exit the water. The last two years, I've had guys fly by me and pull away from me on that first hill on the bike, only to come back hurting 30-40 miles down the road. I really gauge my effort on that first climb, and try to find a pace that feels too easy, because that's probably about the appropriate pace. You have a lot of adrenaline and excitement at the start, so do your best to chill. I tell myself to keep from pushing until about 40 miles into that course, and even then, it's with the knowledge that I've got a super tough run ahead, so you never want to feel buried.

KS: Wildflower is an awesome campground-community experience for most athletes.  Super fun - but not the always the best pre race sleeping conditions..... 

JT: I strongly believe that sleep the night before a race doesn't matter. I've raced well with 8 hours of sleep and 3 hours of sleep. Because of nerves, weird sleeping environments, and busy prep, my typical pre race sleep is no more than 4-5 hours. So don't over think it. You want to do your best to get as much rest in the 3-4 days leading up to the event, which includes sleep, but also just means staying off your feet, trying to sneak a nap in and in general keeping chilled out. My wife tells me to "keep it low," which means I do my best to not worked up or worried about anything. It's as much a mindset as anything else, and how relaxed and refreshed you are mentally is more important than how you approach it physically.

KS: As you pointed out - this race can get get HOT!! (and we're not talking about the naked aid stations...)

JT: For the heat, the most important thing you can do is be conservative with your effort. It can be like an extra weight on your shoulders that you don't feel until it's too late. So I'll adjust my effort on the bike and early run to account for how hot it is. I'll also take in plenty of liquid and electrolyte. I'm using OSMO at the moment, which seems to work great. I'd say it's impossible to over drink, so slow down at the aid stations and take in plenty of liquids. I'll literally walk through the run aid stations to make sure I get enough water in. It doesn't matter how strong you are, if you get dehydrated it's game over!

Thanks for taking the time out for all the "crazy-ass fans" and Wildflower athletes JT -- we'll be wearing our Aviators and cheering like maniacs on Saturday!


 -Kurt, Rob, T-Bone and the entire ROKA team

May 03, 2013