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Our Technologies

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Thick, super buoyant neoprene isn't very stretchy. Nylon jersey liners (on the inside of the suit) further restrict movement. The result? You have to work harder to get the same range of motion and move the same distance in the water. Ever notice how much more your shoulders burn in a wetsuit? That's technology working against you.

Yamamoto NeopreneWe designed the Maverick Pro with premium neoprene — the best in the world — from the Yamamoto Corporation in Japan. We use super-thin Yamamoto #40 on the arms, shoulders, chest and back of the suit — covering the dominant working muscles for the freestyle stroke. The combination of the high quality (high stretch neoprene) and minimal thickness mean your shoulders won't burn like they do in your current suit.  We use thicker, less stretchy Yamamoto #39 in the core and legs, where support and stability is desired.  In addition to optimal panel construction, we use different nylon liners on the inside of the suit, allowing stretch in some places and stability in others.  The result is a feeling of comfort and speed you will love.


The Maverick Pro is engineered with smart, area-specific buoyancy to encourage the fastest body position possible. We remove buoyancy from the chest (you've got lungs for that) and add it to the legs where you need it most. Most wetsuits get this backwards, adding buoyancy to the chest, where it offers little benefit but hinders rotation, and offering less than 5mm buoyancy in the legs.


Body rotation is the key to easy speed in the water. Our patent-pending design adds strategic buoyancy to the centerline and removes it from the sides of the suit, enhancing the power phase of your stroke and encouraging quick, easy rotation along your centerline. We call our application of those laws "RS2" — the ROKA Speed Stripes. Trust us. It's science. We've tested it.  And it will make you faster.

The majority of the suits on the market get this dead wrong. Many suits, even the most expensive, add buoyancy to the lateral or outside parts of a wetsuit, causing a damping effect that hinders rotation — the equivalent to adding weights to your cycling shoes. This inhibits the power phase of your stroke, makes you expend more energy, and ultimately slows you down.


Stability is a critical element of wetsuit design. Because not everyone is an Olympic swimmer, they can benefit from a little extra support in their suit. We use thicker and less stretchy neoprene in the core and legs to improve stability and keep your body aligned and connected. This translates into a more efficient, streamlined freestyle.


Getting in and out of your suit can be a HUGE frustration. No longer. The thin RS2 stripes of the ROKA Maverick Pro make getting in and out of the suit a breeze. Also, to make that transition even faster, we have thoughtfully designed a super stretchy ankle panel that provides just enough give to step cleanly out of your suit at T1.

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