Women's SIM Pro II Shorts
Women's SIM Pro II Shorts
Women's SIM Elite II Shorts
Women's SIM Elite II Shorts

Quick Comparison

Pro II Elite II
Neoprene Yamamoto SCS #39 and Aerodome Yamamoto SCS #38
Waistband Low-Profile, Stretch Knit Textile Low-Profile Neoprene
Premium Liner Materials The same premium liners that we use in the Maverick Pro and Elite.
Optimized for durability, stretch, comfort and low water absorption.
RS2 Panels Yes - 5mm centerline, 1.5mm sides.
This promotes more efficient power transfer and lets the suit get out of your way.
5mm throughout
SCS Nano Coating Yes
Works in the Pool Yes - ideal for open water or pool swimming.
Highly resistant to chlorine if cared for properly and washed with fresh water after use.

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